Geoff Taylor 2016

Featured Artist for 2016 - Geoff Taylor

Geoff introduces himself:

"I was born in Lancaster a long time ago, we moved to Sheffield for a time before returning north to Arnside 19 years ago. After a 3 year Graphic design course at Chesterfield College of Art I began work as a Graphic Designer.

In my quest to design Record Sleeves in the 70’s I did some illustrations for the album The Musical Version of the War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne. Which led to book cover painting for fantasy and science fiction writers such as David Eddings and Raymond E Feist.

I received commissions for pen and ink illustrations for children’s books for authors including Michelle Paver and Cliff McNish. Another style of art evolved when I was taken on by Games Workshop, a role-playing gaming company where I did many illustrations for their unique Warhammer World.

I have always painted wildlife whenever I had some free time, wolves mostly. Such as inspiration from the local story of “The Last Wolf” in England, reputedly killed at Humphrey Head, Cumbria in the 14th Century.

Now semi retired I have found a new passion in the Lake District fells and have been painting landscapes. When I first began painting I worked with designer’s gouache on art board and developed airbrushing skills which lend themselves well to the book cover art which needed bright intense colour, then a change to acrylic paints in the 90’s. The size of my painting brushes have always been fine, finer and finest which accounts for the detail in my paintings. Some say I paint every hair on a wolf! maybe I do!"

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