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with great regret and apologies

After last year's cancellation due to Covid 19, we scheduled this year's Exhibition a little later between 26 - 30 Augus in order to provide more time for the situation to come under control  However, at the time of writing, as the number of cases continues to rise and the Government are planning on removing all restrictions, we have had to think about how this affects the Exhibition.

Our soundings indicate that many of our volunteers do not yet have the confidence to offer the same level of support they have provided in previous years.  Additionally, St Thomas' Church doesn't lend itself to social distancing and therefore we cannot guarantee the safety of visitors and volunteers. Also, any financial investment we make in this year's Exhibition would be at risk.

The Management Committee considered reducing the scale of the Exhibition, but felt that this would be just as difficult to manage safely and would devalue an excellent event.  Therefore, sadly they have decided that the Milnthorpe Art Exhibition 2021 is cancelled. 


We still aim to hold an AGM in November to set our our plans for the 2022 Exhibition, details of which will be publicised nearer the time.




When submitting your form please only click once.  Then if you wait a couple of seconds you will receive an acknowlegment.


We hope that past exhibitors will submit new work and we also encourage artists who are new to us, to consider exhibiting.  However as our popularity has grown, so to has the number of submissions we receive. This means that as our exhibition space is limited, we are unable to display all submitted items of work.  Space for 3D work is particularly limited.

We hope you'll understand  that our Selection Committee work hard to provide a balance between artists having the opportunity to display their work and choosing items they think will sell in order to help us raise funds for local charities.  This means they often have to make very difficult decisions.  For example if two very similar pieces are submitted, they will chose only one.  With regards to 3D items, because of the limited space their task is even tougher.

Please be aware that the Selection Committee's decision is final and they are unable to provide specific feedback to artists.

If your work isn't shown, we do hope that your disappointment won't stop you from submitting again.

If you are a new artist considering submitting work to us, we suggest you link on the links below to see past Art Exhibition Catalogues.  You'll be able to see the type of work we have previously exhibited and the asking prices.


CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - 2021 Exhibition

An entry fee of £10 per artist will be charged, no matter how many categories you enter.  Payment will be taken on the Receiving Day, which can be made by card or cash.  

Please note that if COVID 19 restrictions are still in place we may not be able to use the upstairs gallery space and if this is the case we will need to limit the number of paintings per artist to two. However you are welcome to list three on the application form, but please be aware that if we can only take two, we will expect to receive the first two on your list. We will of course keep you informed.


EXHIBITORS: A maximum of three works in each of the following categories may be submitted:

  1. Pictures
  2. Miniatures (Maximum outside dimensions including frame = 6" x 4.5" or 152 x 114 mm)
  3. Pottery/Ceramics/sculptures (3D)

All pieces of art must be ORIGINAL and be available for sale.

Fabrics - painted or dyed fabrics or other work may be accepted.



  • prints of any kind
  • brass rubbings
  • lino cuts
  • monoprints
  • computer generated images
  • furniture



Submitting artists need to complete our on-line application form by Saturday 7th August 2021.  You'll find it at the very top of this page.  Once  submitted you will automatically receive an email acknowledgement.

Please ensure that you submit your work exactly as described in your application.  If you wish to amend your application please let us know by email in good time.

By submitting your entry you accept the conditions of entry described above.

Please don't type in UPPER case as your application becomes your catalogue entry.  Don't leave any box empty, just type in any character e.g. 'n' and the red warning will go. You need  to click on the reCaptcha robot box and wait for a second or two.  It may ask extra questions.

Within a second or two of clicking "Submit" you will get an onscreen message at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to see it.  A copy of your application will automatically be sent to your email address. 

If you need to make changes after you have submitted your entry,  contact us by email. Please don't leave changes until reception day, as we will be too busy to deal with them.

If you experience problems submitting your form online, please contact us at:



Provisionally Wednesday 11th August 2021 - between 10am and 5pm - although to be confirmed.

Works for the exhibition should be delivered unpacked to St Thomas Church Milnthorpe before 5pm.  Any works arriving after 5pm are unlikely to be accepted.



Please ensure that our work has TWO labels - one to be stuck on the back and the other to be tied to a 6 inch string connection, that will hang over the front of work. This will be hidden when hung. On both labels please write:

  • Your name - Surname first
  • Your address
  • Title of the work
  • Selling price

 All pictures must have screws and cord attached. Please don't use picture wire as it hurts our hands.  Pictures in clip frames will not be accepted.

Unless otherwise instructed, the committee will, if requested, give the artists name and address to potential buyers.



A commission of 20% of the selling price will be charged on all works SOLD.  We hope to pay artists for works sold as soon as possible after the exhibition.



Monday 30th August 2021between 5pm  and 7pm

Tuesday 31th August 2021 between 9am and 2pm

Exhibitors MUST undertake the removal of all unsold works from the Church Centre during this time.



It is not possible to obtain cover for any works left in the charge of the exhibition and exhibitors are  advised to insure their own works for the period of the exhibition. While every care will be taken to ensure the safe keeping of works of art exhibited or submitted for exhibition, the Committee cannot  be held responsible for any loss or damage, however caused.




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