It's over for another year! A really good exhibition with picture sales for charity breaking recent records. Our thanks to everyone who took part  and see you all in 2018.

Come and browse and perhaps purchase some original paintings and artwork at the largest open Art Exhibition in the North West? And it's all for Charity!
Once you have bought that new kitchen or bathroom have you thought about adding something nice to the wall or hall table? Something that gets you or your guests thinking and talking, that is unique to you and your tastes?

This could just be your chance to own a small art collection We don't mean the Gulbenkian, Frick or Saatchi collections but something affordable by ordinary people.

Admission is free.

Open: Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th August (10am to 6.30pm) (Closes 3pm on the Sunday).

Where:  St Thomas' church, Milnthorpe. Postcode LA7 7QA

Now in it's 28th year.

For artists, the selection process is rigorous and usually only about 50 per cent of paintings submitted are displayed for sale. As a result we have helped many artists to become recognised and valued.

For the buying public, it is a very good opportunity to purchase fairly-priced, original art from accomplished artists with the knowledge that any commission goes to charity in the community. (Macmillan Nurses this year.) Over the 27 years of it's existence charitable donations have exceeded £160000.

So time to chuck out those prints and and buy something to reflect your personal taste and be a long

term source of pleasure. You may even find the next Picasso!

For a guide to the type of exhibits we show and prices have a look at the Art Exhibition Catalogue 2016, click on the link below:


Louis Morton the Chairman of our Art Exhibition is delighted to welcome Les & Tim as this year's Guest Artists.

Tim Pavey:

 "I studied Fine Art and Printmaking at Southampton College of Art, where  I developed an enduring affinity with the English Landscape Tradition. I use landscape as a vehicle to express my ideas. in my work I like to ask questions, the images often containing metaphors. I am concerned with ideas about time/space and the interdependency of all things and references  to these concepts are often included in my paintings. At the same time I just love working with paint and discovering what it can do! My preferred mediums are Gouache, Acrylic and Ink."

 Click on an image below to enlarge:





Les Darlow:

"I was born in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1961, and trained as a technical and Scientific Illustrator, having now freed myself of the technical preciseness of a photo realistic painting I now paint expressively and creatively, producing paintings that are based on feeling, light, energy and movement. I have a love and passion for weather and landscapes and most of my paintings are subjects that have that connection for me.. I think that one can paint the same scene over and over again as light and weather change the subject continuously.

I love painting skies and think they are the key to a great landscape. I have a fascination for storms and extreme weather, whether that is a sunrise at -20 degrees in winter, a snow storm, a stunning sunset or a growing supercell in the height of summer, these are the key elements to my painting. I really am intrigued by skies and have studied them in some detail having gone to great lengths studying a little meteorology and taking to the sky in a light aircraft to get even more information about their three dimensional depth. Clouds are constantly growing, dissipating, moving and changing colour and this understanding helps me paint them more authentically."


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