Management 2018 

Art Exhibition Steering Group

Chairman: Louis Morton

Deputy Chairman:  Michael Monks

Secretary:   Mike Coyle

Sponsorship:    George Stannard

Treasurer:   James Robson

Marketing:    David Forrest

Patrons:    John Chew

Transport:        John Fishwick

Storage:           Ken & Jenny Blenkharn and John Fishwick

Construction:   Philip Mashiter & David Craig

Venue Liaison & Selection Records:  John Ricketts


The Selection/ hanging team

Steph Sykes and her team of hangers

Caren Threlfall

Frances Winder

Bill Jones

The Stewarding Team:

Louis Morton and all the Stewards

Private View Evening: Louis Morton

The Catering team:

Team leader Val Robson and her team

The Sales Team:

Jim Robson, Maggie & Avril


Brian Taylor and Peter Fisher

Lighting Clive Gott

Floral Arrangements: Molly Richardson & Brenda Heptinstall

The Raffle: Mike Coyle