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1st June 2017

We have sent an email request to over 250 people who have already helped us as artists, stewards etc. This asks them to join the "Friends" but please remember that ANYONE can become a friend, and it's free!

Click on the Join the "Friends" page above.

5th May 2017
We have just sent the application form  to our registered artists by email attachment. If you haven't received the email - DON'T PANIC!
(Check your Spam folder, download the forms from this site - Bottom of the Exhibit 2017 page  or just contact us.)
Many thanks for all the interest and we hope your Exhibits are coming along well!
3 May 2017
221 artists have registered with us so far. Thank you!
The chosen charity for this year will be Macmillan Nurses:
Now finalising website details for 2017. So keep popping back to check.






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