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Jackie Hadwin



"My name is Jackie Hadwin. I am a freelance artist working from Undercrag Studio in Torver, Coniston. I am very lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I was born and raised in Coniston with many generations before me, I consider myself a local lass! I have lived in Torver for 25 years with my husband Jason, the rock of my world. Together at Undercrag we raised four wonderful children and I was lucky enough to enjoy being a full-time mum to them. We had the best time and every day was an adventure I treasure. Although they have now all spread their wings and flown off to do amazing things, we still get together at least once a year to go sailing or skiing and make more amazing memories.

Being creative is in every part of me, I have always had a strong need to create in some way. I have painted with Watercolour for around 25 years and have received no formal training until recently completing a foundation in art and design at Lancaster.  my voice has been formed over years of experimentation, practice and repetition, until I achieved my signature and unique style. Although that sounds easy there has been a huge amount of frustration and challenge on the journey as well.

Water colour is my favorite medium despite probably being the hardest to work with. Its translucent qualities are both beautiful and frustrating at the same time. I love the movement and reactions that happen between the colours, water and paper, It is magical and addictive.

My subject matter is predominantly animal based, and the winter months hold a particular beauty for me. I love how the animals sit into the landscape with the atmospheric conditions. I have walked the fells for years and although I see beauty, I perhaps also see vulnerability and try to convey a sense of harsh reality in my work.

Over the years my Watercolour pieces have become much more layered from where they started. I have developed different techniques it involves lots of water usually a waterproof apron and shoes yes, it’s wet and messy. I find it really easy to be really loose in the beginning and it almost goes against my instinct to tighten up towards the end.  At the moment I have been enjoying developing some mixed media pieces with pressed flowers and some large acrylic floral work which is incredibly different to the water based medium Im used to.                

I spend much of my time painting for exhibitions, commissions, and new work for outdoor events. I also run workshops in my studio and for outside groups. It’s really lovely to meet the customers face to face and chat to them. I’m always a bit overwhelmed when they love and buy my work. As with most artists, you never feel your work is good enough. Its a lovely mix and very satisfying to be able to do so much with a brush water and paint.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I very much look forward to seeing you all at next years exhibition.

Be Kind and Stay Safe

Jackie "


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Kirkstone Storm


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